cheddar broccoli soupThe ingredients he brought are for imitation-Panera cheddar broccoli soup, which is one of the few meals I’ve made from scratch a lot. Although not recently (as of the time these annotations are written), because the “grate an entire solid block of cheese” step is not great for your cholesterol levels.

Soup kitchens and food pantries won’t tell you not to donate food, because it’s popular and catchy and better than nothing. But they can do a lot more with a cash donation — including “buying more food, at a lower cost, than the cans you donated after buying them for full retail price.”

Timothy: Hi, Bianca! This is your place? I like the Christmas decorations still up.

I brought soup ingredients! It’s vegetarian — not vegan. I forgot to ask if any of you had allergies, but I can change it on the fly if I need to.

Sparrow: No allergies here.

Emma: I’m vegetarian, but not vegan, too, so this sounds great!

Bianca: Aw, you don’t have to cook!

Sparrow: Bianca, shh! Don’t ruin this for us!

Emma: I’m Emma. You must be the Cat?

Reseda: Call me Reseda!

Emma: How did you meet Timothy?

Reseda: Ooh, I can’t say.

Emma: So, um . . . what can you talk about?

Reseda: I can tell you why canned food drives are a huge waste and you’re much better off donating cash directly?