Mafia Wars screenshotIt’s a gas stove — and the plumbing doesn’t rely on electricity, there’s still water — so they can still cook. As long as they don’t need to get a bunch of stuff out of the fridge.

Miranda’s playing one of those Zynga games that were inescapable on Facebook around this time. I got sucked into Mafia Wars for…a while. The superficial buzz of “you have Unlocked an Achievement” will boost your serotonin for a surprisingly long time, until you step back and decide the game as a whole is pretty unsatisfying.

Timothy: Do you want to help? The cheese needs to be shredded.

Bianca: How much?

Timothy: The whole block.

Bianca: Who needs money when you can just lean on your fr–


Timothy: You know what, let’s leave all the cooking to Reseda. She can still see what she’s doing.

Bianca: Yeah . . . friends are great, but you do need money for a flashlight.

Meanwhile, downtown…

Miranda (thinking): “Get a bonus potion for inviting a friend!” Pfft. Who needs friends when you can just buy extra items with cash?