raven with cocked headDid I say Zynga was hot? That’s an understatement: “At one point in 2011, Zynga accounted for 19 percent of Facebook’s revenue, thanks in part to a special, symbiotic relationship between the two.”

Looks like they had a medieval-themed CastleVille, but not a full-on fantasy setting like DragonVille here.

More importantly for BICP: at long last, and completely by accident, Cohen gets to meet Poe.

Miranda: Hey, Poe.

Poe: You know, Master . . .

. . . you could always have me create a DragonVille account for the sole purpose of sending you extra items and support.

Miranda: You can’t read. And the game isn’t exactly audio accessible. I’d have to tell you everything about how to run it. It would be easier to just make a sockpuppet of my own.

. . . which I’ve already done.

Poe: Of course. Your hot choco–


Miranda: ?!

Cohen: razzum frazzum stupid snow grumble mumble . . . ?

Miranda: Dad?!

Cohen: . . . Miranda?

Miranda: What are you doing here?

Cohen: What are YOU doing here?

Miranda: You’re supposed to be in New York!

Cohen: You’re supposed to be at college!