Pirates Who Don't Do Anything screencap“Veggie Pirate” doubles as “a mirrorverse parody of Fruit Ninja” and “a VeggieTales homage.”

Not that Sparrow doesn’t deserve to get a big Hah, You Were Wrong moment to Bennett’s face, but…this may not have been the right piece of intel to do it with, you know?

At this point, it could be that Sparrow hasn’t really grasped how traumatic this is for Beings (she wasn’t in the room for Patrick’s storytime, after all), or it could just be that she’s thinking “we shouldn’t actually do it, I just want to use the idea to make Bennett feel bad.”

Bianca: Sparrow!

Sparrow: Bianca!

Bianca: I have so much to tell you!

Sparrow: I have so much to tell you!

. . . and we can talk all about it after we’ve ditched the rest of this party.

Miranda: I’ll show you to the exit.

Sparrow: So they’ve been golems all along —

Bianca: Cohen was convinced he could give them actual souls —

Sparrow: Rosen gave me a PDF of Being Language 101 —

Ooh, hang on. Before we go, I have to make a detour.

Hey, you!

Bennett: Huh?

Game: 4-veg combo! Great hit, Veggie Pirate!

Sparrow: Remember your whole “the only way to stop dangerous Beings is to register them” plan? Well, guess what? These people know how to take the name of a dangerous Master off a Contract. Without killing them! And since they already have the Rabbit in custody, they can just do that, and leave all the Beings with nice Masters alone. So there!