Plane flight diagram doing a circle to avoid land“Erasing the name on Cybele’s Contract” is not why Cybele and Bennett were asked to visit. But we’re not going to find out why they are here, because they’re peacing out before the meeting starts.

Miranda gets some DNA! Miranda probably could’ve just told Sparrow “hey, I want to see if your genes have any hints to your weird Being powers” and gotten pretty far. But fishing a drinking cup out of the trash is so much more fun.

Programming note! In the original online archives, this chapter was followed by the Guest Art Showcase. Not sure I would get much material out of annotating those. (Although, go ahead and scroll through the originals, they still look great.)

So what I’m annotating next is:

  • a few of the usual inter-chapter bonuses
  • most of the Ask A Character posts, to round out November
  • Interlude 4 (because that’s the other Christmas one), ending in December
  • Chapter 20 starting in January

Bennett: Did you know this was a thing they had?

Cybele: It never came up! And I thought I had such a good handle on Cohen’s research . . .

Bennett: Not even a vague mention while he was drinking?

Cybele: I wish!

Bennett: So what are the odds it’s a real thing?

Cybele: I don’t know — boss, I ‘m scared —


Bennett: Then we’re not taking any chances. Let’s go home.


Rosen: I hope I did not reveal too much . . .

Miranda: No, giving Sparrow the 101 packet was fine. Unlike your grad students, she isn’t getting course credit for reading it, so she might not even finish.

Now, go put in a few hours on the Patrick-reanimation!

Rosen: Yes, ma’am!

Poe: Brought you something, Master.

Miranda: Good job, Poe. Good job.

Chapter 19 ~ End