fancy round rugThe grand return of The Carpet.

I’ve been on a really long streak of not doing any Master’s Edition updates — it’s almost like I got better at this comic thing as I went on, you know? — but this page is getting one, because the sigil on the rug doesn’t actually get darker in the shadows.

Patrick and Cybele can peg each other as Beings, but they can’t ID the exact species. Which is lucky for both of them right now.

Sparrow: And another thing –!

Bianca: . . .


Sparrow: That’s the biggest sigil I’ve ever seen.

Bianca: I wonder what it’s supposed to do . . .

Patrick (thinking): I know what it’s for. This is one of the sigils Stu Cohen was working on back when he was my Master.

Cybele (thinking): I know what it’s for. This is one of the projects Cohen talked about, while I was a prisoner here, and he’d had a few too many drinks.

Patrick and Cybele (thinking): . . . but if I bring it up, that other Being might start wondering how I know.