She-Ra screencapGosh, I love Cybele’s jacket here. The little poofs on the ties. *chef’s kiss* Classic.

Pretty sure “Sparrow is a secret weapon” never showed up in the comments, not for all the years of reader speculation. Maybe if ND Stevenson’s She-Ra had aired by this point, someone would’ve guessed it was a reference. (If the new She-Ra was out by this point, I might’ve written this page so it clearly was a reference.)

Bennett: Okay, “Sid”, what can you tell me about these people? Any idea why they’re so important?

Cybele: The two women are humans. The guy is a Being. I guess the Cohens are studying him?

. . . and the brunette, I’ve seen before. She was with the protestors at one of your speeches. The Being might be the one who was with her. He looked different than he does today . . . but not as different as I do. She argued with your talking points then, too! And she was completely impervious to being told you weren’t racist! Even when she thought it was a black person saying so! It was very confusing!

. . .

Maybe she’s not human either! Maybe she’s some kind of SECRET SUPERWEAPON OF BRILLIANCE.

Bennett: You think that’s likely?

Cybele: I have no idea! But it sounds good, right?