Mug labeled: My career lies in ruins...I'm an archaeologistIntroducing the new form of the Donkey — and with her, Tansy Rosen.

She was designed (and named) around the same time as Tansy Lavande from Leif & Thorn, but they immediately started diverging from each other after that. So it’s not one of the usual cases of “character developed through one series and then imported into another.”

The current Donkey isn’t imported from anywhere. Although she’s named after Lúthien from the Lord of the Rings universe.

Miranda: We’re not going to do the usual tests today. I’m in the middle of a big language project.

It’s easier to show you than to explain, so I’ll have my other guest pull up the data. Dr. Rosen . . . !

Why don’t you introduce yourself.

Dr. Rosen: It’s lovely to meet you! I am Tansy Rosen, and I study Beings as a side project to my very profitable day job of archaeologist. I have spent most of the past five years on various digs in Jerusalem, all funded by generous grants from the Cohens!

This beautiful lady is my own Being.

Luthien: Call me Luthien!

Rosen: And you must be Miranda’s friends!

Sparrow: You explained us to her as your “friends”?

Miranda: That is definitely not the word I used.