jazz cupThe cup has a version of the iconic Jazz paper-cup design. But in gold, because this is Miranda’s office, and that means gold accents. Lots of them.

Original comments had a good range of speculation about the Donkey’s upcoming reveal. Two correct guesses: (1) it’s about Sparrow being Jewish and (2) the next page will be an abrupt scene change.

Sparrow: “Help yourself to coffee,” she says. I don’t even LIKE coffee. Well, I’m having some anyway! See what she thinks of THAT!


Rosen: How does it taste?

Sparrow: Ow. Revenge is a beverage best served cold.

Sparrow (thinking): Actually . . . Rosen probably knows lots of things that Miranda might not want her to share. And now Miranda’s not here. Maybe I can use subtlety and cunning to ply it out of her . . .

Sparrow: So, hey, you study this language-of-Beings, right? What can you tell me about it? Start with everything.

Rosen: Such ambition you have! Twenty years of scholarship I’ve had, and she wants to hear it all in a single afternoon . . .

Lúthien: But if you do want to learn . . . you already have the advantage, don’t you? Because of what you are.