Master’s Edition Kickstarter tier spotlight: the softcover bundles!

Sketched Softcover Omnibus: all the books, signed, with original art drawn inside. Plus the digital version of the omnibus, the bonus “Being Q&A” ebook (now with spoilers!), and your name printed in the credits.

Softcover Omnibus + Merch Bundle: all the books, with a Patrick pin and a cute new sticker set. Also comes with the full ebook set and the credits.

Sketched softcover omnibus

Softcover omnibus merch bundle


Knocked-out bird with humans running around its headHey look, it’s some even more subtle foreshadowing! Patrick and Sparrow are reading about Mice at the same time.

Meanwhile: when not-yet-confirmed-to-be-Poe trips and bumps his head, the little birdies flying around his head are ravens. There’s a lot going on in this page, huh?

Back at the library.

Patrick: …

Book: M is for Mouse




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