Sci-fi wallpaperAhhh, there’s that Little Prince style reference. Complete with “Patrick as a classic Antoine de Saint-Éxupery rabbit-eared fox.”

Plus, the first explicit nod to Bianca enjoying drag, which we’ll see later in the chapter.

In a deep-cut callback, I used some actual Little Prince “stars and planets” art (plus a texture scanned from the paper) for this wallpaper, but didn’t try to emulate the style on the characters. Instead, they get “1960s sci-fi rubber-suits-and-pointy-collars” aesthetic.

Bianca: I’m a t-terrible king!

Sparrow: Are not.

Bianca: I don’t mean drag, I mean like in The Little Prince.

Sparrow: Ohhh.
(skritch skritch)

(scratch scratch)

Did something happen with Patrick?

Bianca: Mm-hmm.

Sparrow: Wait, was the King the one who tried to own the stars?

Bianca: No, that was the Businessman. The King ordered the sun to go down at sunset.

Sparrow: How come you’re not just the Prince? Patrick’s gotta be the fox. He’s all guarded and wary, and you have to tame him.

I mean, just because you made that contract doesn’t mean he’ll like you overnight, right? It sure hasn’t stopped him from being all . . . uh, how do I say this nicely . . .

Bianca: Twitchy?

Sparrow: Yeah, that works.