Butterfly hair clipSparrow: “What? This IS my fancy outfit.”

The BICP coloring strategy of “monochrome except for main-character hair/eyes, magic powers, and Shades of Green” meant I put color on a lot of trees and grass…and tended not to consider whether anything else would be green.

So Bianca’s shimmery butterfly hair-clip was a fun exception.

Patrick: Master? I found everything you sent me to get, except . . .

. . . hot sauce.

Bianca: You’re just in time! Sparrow and I are going out. Drinks, dancing, probably some karaoke. Want to come with?

Patrick: . . . Do you want me to come with you, Master?

Sparrow: Okay, I see how that gets annoying fast. Listen, puppy, if you don’t have a reason not to want to do something, just say “yes”, okay? It’ll give your precious Master a lot fewer headaches.