Master’s Edition Kickstarter tier spotlight:

Exclusive Made-To-Order Minicomic Bundle: The one where I draw a custom “Where Are They Now” mini-arc about the 2-4 BICP characters of your choice. To be printed at the end of the Master’s Edition volume 3. (Terms apply, obviously…watch the Kickstarter Updates for more about that.)
Plus a hardcover Master’s Edition box set, and all the other rewards. Because you’ve earned it.
Minicomic bundle

Boston Red LineHey look, it’s an authentic Boston Red Line subway interior. The trains go over a bridge on its way downtown, so the “skyline of buildings at a distance” view out the windows is legit.

There are other people in the car, it’s just the shot is zoomed-in enough on our main characters that it crops them out of the frame. Yeah. (Good thing our heroes weren’t traveling at rush hour…)

Bianca: This is so convenient! You get a free ride on the subway in dog form, then can switch to an outfit that fits the occasion. Not that you have to dress up! But it’s the kind of place where you’ll fit in better if you’re wearing something genderbend-y.

Sparrow: He’d be cute in a skirt.

(skritch skritch)

Bianca: Or maybe some ribbons in his . . .

. . . Sparrow!

Sparrow: What? It’s his fault we won’t be getting a cat, so I call petting rights.

Bianca: It’s not respectful to treat him like a–


Sparrow: –dog? He seems to be okay with it. Besides, unless he tells us otherwise, we might as well assume it’s secretly disrespectful to treat him like a human.