Boston monumentI drew these impeccably-referenced shots of the Boston subway cars, ticket machines, and station interiors…and then didn’t draw a single historical monument with a rock bouncing off of it. Missed opportunity!

If BICP had been drawn in a 4-panel strip format (which I don’t think would’ve worked as well overall, but it’s an interesting AU to ponder), that definitely would’ve made it in as a gag.

The original version of this page was posted with an apology for getting it up late. Could that have been the very first reference in the archive to schedule slips? First comic went up in February 2011, and this was June 2011. That sure didn’t take long, huh.

Bianca: Okay, here’s the plan.

We’re not sneaking anyone into the club. It’s too nice a place to rip off.

We’ll have to duck down a side street where you can change.

Sparrow: Or we could hide behind a historic monument.

Bianca: Is there one near here?

Sparrow: Are you kidding? I bet I could throw a rock and hit three.

Bianca: True, true. Anyway, Patrick, whenever you’re ready . . .