Mamoru watching Sailor Moon transformNow that the Transformation Sequence mechanic has been established on-page, I can do the “observing character is lit with the glow of the change happening out-of-frame” version.

Bianca is genre-savvy enough to be totally unfazed. The first time was a surprise because she didn’t expect it, but now that she knows it’s a thing, it’s old hat.

(Sadly, not savvy enough to catch that Patrick, in any form, likes the collar.)

Bianca: Sorry again about the collar. It’s only to keep you from getting noticed. You understand, right?

Patrick: If it bothers you, Master, I can use my human form instead.

Bianca: How are your injuries doing?

Patrick: Mostly healed. I won’t be conspicuous.

Bianca: That’s not why I asked! Of course you can switch. Just let me check we’re alone.

All clear.


Bianca: And the collar comes right off again!

Patrick: Are these conspicuous on humans?

Bianca: At a library? Yes.