You cannot attend the opera in denim!Hey look, it’s another background gag sign. (This one reads “Free Signs.”)

Patrick’s overly-literal dedication to order-following strikes again.

I like that he osmosed from Bianca a perfectly suitable mental picture of what constitutes”genderbend-y” (Cohen, who never made much of an effort to associate with The LGBTQ Community, wouldn’t have thought about it)…but failed to pick up “it’s not mutually exclusive with ‘adorable’.”

Sparrow: Patrick? You look–


Patrick: I do not. My Master wanted me to look genderbend-y, so that is how I look.

Bianca: And how! But you’re adorable too. Seriously, you look like you were born to do this.

Patrick: . . . Is that okay?

Bianca: As far as we’re concerned? It’s fantastic.