Dread Rabbit of CaerbannogThat rabbit’s dynamite!

“Nevada-san” is one of the early character tags I used to avoid spoiling secret identities, along with “Tripping Library Guy” and “Patrick’s former Master.”

It’s a sidelong reference to the Sasebo slasher, who was nicknamed “Nevada-tan” by the internet for wearing a similar sweatshirt, and, wow, why did the global nerd community of the mid-2000s decide “this is the perfect topic for a funny meme”? This wasn’t some wacky OTT anime, here — an actual real-life kid got murdered. Geez, what was our deal?

Intruder: All of you shut up and listen! Somewhere in this room, there’s a human who owns a Being.

We challenge that person to a duel. If he makes nice and comes forward–or she, or, I don’t know, it, whatever you people are calling yourselves these days–then nobody has to get hurt, understand?