Finally, Timothy!

S/he was an OC created for my then-still-running Hellsing fancomic, And Shine Heaven Now. As a junior member of the Iscariot Organization, he barely got around to “figuring out he might not be cis” by the end of the story (although an integral part of the final battle involved him wearing a dress, so there’s that).

Sure was satisfying to migrate him to this universe, and have “hanging out in queer spaces being openly fabulous” as her default starting position.

Sparrow: I thought you said Beings couldn’t hurt humans!

Patrick: We can’t!

Dancer: Hey! We’re trying to dance, here!

Dancer: And quit knocking over chairs! You think the serving staff wants to clean that up?

Intruder: You’re supposed to be intimidated! Do you not see the giant rabbit? Look at its teeth!

Dancer: All I see is a reject Monty Python sketch.

Dancer: Yeah! Booo!

Dancer: Get off the floor!

Bianca: Look, mister, there’s nobody here to fight you. You’ll just have to–

Camellia: Excuse me, may I cut in?

Bianca: Camellia?

Camellia: If you’ll all look around, you’ll see two doors with green EXIT signs. Please proceed slowly and calmly to the one nearest to you.

You can come back in free of charge once the fight is over. Sir, we’ll be accepting your challenge. As soon as I finish this song.