Doctor Who scarfCareful wording there, since Patrick has seen the Rabbit with her previous Master, as will be confirmed in chapter 14.

Apparently when you search “Doctor Who scarf” on shopping sites these days, most of the results are “some kind of blue scarf with a TARDIS on it.” Which are cool, I’d wear one, but — come on, is the classic Fourth Doctor “commissioned for the show and the props director didn’t say when to stop knitting” scarf no longer iconic enough to be commercially-viable?

That’s the only one Sparrow would settle for, at least. Seen here, in the bottom left panel, maybe a few hundred pages before she ever actually wears it.

Bianca: You’re not allowed to interrogate Patrick until we’re safely home, got it?

Sparrow: Fine. But he better have something good to say! Because I’ve never heard of a Being picking a fight at a crowded club before.

(ZOOM, rumble rumble)

Sparrow: What was that all about, huh?!

Bianca: And do it without yelling!

Patrick: I don’t have to answer to you.

Bianca: But you have to answer me, right? Well, I’m asking! Could they have been looking for you?

Patrick: I’ve never seen the Rabbit with that Master before.

That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have heard of me! What with how I’m a world-class fighter, and all.

But it seems more likely they agreed to have a battle with the other Master, then decided to make a show of it.

Bianca: How would they have found each other?

Patrick: Craigslist?