Saint StephenSaint Stephen of the Stones” is a legit saint, and that’s from his real iconography, even. The fact that it sounds like a Colbert Report reference is just a fun bonus.

(The street address and phone number are fake, though.)

And the “Timothy literally used his church work address for his contact information” aspect means it reeeeally couldn’t have been a drag show he was helping Bianca’s student group with. Not considering how important “keeping his professional life and her queer nightclub life separate” turned out to be.

It’s loading . . . it’s loading . . . Oh, hey, only one res–

St. Stephen of the Stones
212 Clover Drive, Milton, MA
(617) 555-1982
Category: Catholic Church

Bianca: That’s not a private residence. That’s a church.

Sparrow: You don’t suppose she bought the building, renovated it into a home, and never bothered to tell Google?