Democrat donkey decalAnd here we see the first of Sparrow’s many temp/part-time/volunteer gigs that were based on things I did. Here, an internship with a political nonprofit where, in retrospect, I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be learning more than “how to use the photocopier.” Oh well. Hindsight.

There’s a leaping-donkey decal on the walls, and some kind of “fundraising progress” thermometer, and a classic “Do Not Point At Sign” sign. (Homage to a webcomic that constantly had amazing gags on the signs and other background nonsense…and I cannot for the life of me remember which one it was.)

Meanwhile, at Sparrow’s job….

(Sign: Do Not Point At Sign)

(Photocopier: HMMMMMM)

Dot: How’s it going?

Sparrow: Hi, Dot. 47 copies printed. 13 left to go. I can’t wait until it’s actually campaign season.

Dot: You know we’re still going to need photocopies then, right?

Sparrow: Yeah . . .

. . . but some of them will be for attack ads.