Republicans vs RomneycareTo be fair, a successful Massachusetts Republican has to be liberal enough that on a nationwide scale they’d read as a conservative Democrat. (See: Romneycare.)

But you know what, we should still have higher standards.

And Bennett was more of a generic Republican from the start anyway; he’s in MA for plot-convenience reasons more than worldbuilding reasons. (As readers pretty quickly guessed.)

Dot: Now, now. Officially, we are committed to stay above negative campaigning.

Sparrow: And unofficially?

Dot: I hate Bennett’s guts and can’t wait to crush him.

Sparrow: Thought so.

How did that guy get elected in the first place? He’s anti-gay, anti-gun-control, anti-abortion, anti-divorce even though he’s had one, anti-civil-rights-protection -in-general . . . And this is supposed to be the most liberal state in the country!

Dot: You just answered your own question.

We’re liberals. If we didn’t keep a couple of conservatives around, we’d feel like we were failing our commitment to diversity.