Master’s Edition Kickstarter tier spotlight: Digital tiers!

Just Happy To Be Here: get your name in the thank-you post, and get an exclusive wallpaper set. (Not the one in the graphic, since I already posted it! There’s actual new art coming for this one.)

Digital BICP Omnibus: all that, plus the whole Master’s Edition in ebook format. Helps with production costs, doesn’t rack up any shipping costs.

Ten-dollar tier 25-dollar tier

Animorphs booksThe “based on a true story” aspect of this strip is that I also tried to check out the entire Animorphs series at once. Pretty sure it was the first time I hit my library’s “number of books you can have out at once” limit.

I also made a “which morphs the characters acquire in which books” chart. Spotted one continuity error — IIRC there’s a time in book 6 when Jake is out-of-commission, so everyone-but-Jake gets a certain morph (polar bear?) mid-story, but then we see him using it later. Admittedly not much of an error, since there’s no reason he couldn’t have gone to the zoo and picked it up for himself between books.

This was all the way back before the rise of social Internet fandom, so I never had anywhere to share this valuable canon insight, and ended up mostly forgetting about it. Until now!

(The library.)

Patrick: …

Bianca: Sorry I kept you waiting! Some kid decided to check out the entire Animorphs series at once. Hope you didn’t run out of books.

Patrick: No, Master.

Bianca: Oh, good! Let’s get some lunch.