Master’s Edition Kickstarter tier spotlight: The no-shipping bundle!

Digital Omnibus + Digital Extras Bundle: All the rewards from the basic ebook tier, plus a bonus ebook with things I’m not printing, plus a cameo (for you or your OC) in one of my comics.

“Wait, how can you offer a cameo in BICP, now that it’s already over?” you ask. Answer: the Master’s Edition is going to have some Secret Bonus Pages. Not saying how many yet. We’ll find out. (Leif & Thorn cameos also an option.)

$50 tier

Reading Is My SuperpowerPatrick understands Ancient Pre-Babel Proto-Hebrew in Mystic Angelic Script, shouldn’t that be good enough for anyone?

I like the detail of bits of food falling out of his sandwich.

Anyway, he describes written language as “confusing because humans keep changing it” here, but for Beings it’s really more “inherently magical.” As we shall see.

Bianca: FOUR PAGES?!

You should have told me you couldn’t read!

Patrick: Of course I can read! I ‘m not stupid! You’re the ones who keep switching languages! Then you decide to write them backward, or side to side, or up and down! I can read just fine in the Language of the Contract. It ‘s not my fault you don’t write in it any more!

Bianca: I’m sorry . . . Since you speak the language fine, I just assumed . . .

But that means you can learn, right? The library offers English as a Second Language classes. Would you like me to sign you up for one?

Patrick: If you want me to be signed up, Master.

Bianca: Right, right. Then let’s give it a try. You deserve the chance to learn.