Crumpled ball of paperFavorite comment on the original:

“Well, it’s perfectly obvious what happened here.

Sparrow drew her sigil on the back of a flier from her college’s career center, right? And when she used that career center to job-hunt, where did she get? ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE.

If she’d just used plain paper, everything would have been fine.”

This chapter had an April Fool’s strip associated with it. I tried to think of ways to drag out the inter-chapter break through all of March…but all of them would be a drag, and not in the fun way.

So it’s getting posted next. Along with the last of the Annotated Ask a Character, and the anniversary post, and a couple other bonuses. March itself will be filled with Chapter 21.

Several explanations later.

Bianca: NEW YORK?!

Sparrow: I know, right?? But look!

Miranda’s phone.

Sparrow: I don’t even know how it happened. It was like appearing in the Being battle dimension, except that instead of standing in a cool nature landscape I was getting tackled into a pile of cushions, and instead of the second I left it was two hours later.

Bianca: Does Miranda have any idea where you were?

Sparrow: Yeah, but her idea is “nowhere”, which is freaking me out too much to think about in detail.

Bianca: How are you getting home?

Sparrow: When I said I was probably fired, Miranda said she’d buy a plane ticket.

Bianca: Oh, geez, you have work in the morning? Maybe we can cover it!

Patrick: She has a bachelor’s degree, and I can’t read.

Bianca: Still, I bet Patrick could shapeshift into you and —

Sparrow: Shhh! I’m still in a hall outside the apartment Cohen is in, so ixnay on the uppy-pay.

Bianca: Wait, is that where you’re staying tonight? One of Cohen’s places?

Sparrow: Nope — Miranda grabbed us a hotel room, it’s crazy, costs as much for a night as our apartment does for the whole month — Would you believe we landed in Arthur Bennett’s place?!

I mean, we all know he had a see-thru-closet homophobe vibe going on, but this?? Nearly getting lost forever in what I’m sure our dub will be calling the Shadow Realm was almost worth it.