ominous goth mansion hallWow, that dark mansion interior.

I know there’s any number of other artists who do more and fancier backdrops, but for me — especially in 2016 — this was an impressive, work-intensive set.

Wish I could find the exact art/photo I was inspired by, but nothing’s showing up in my reference folders. (Could’ve been a composite, too.)

Waiting inside.

Jany: . . .

Well, it’s not as creepy as I expected? For the home of an ancient wolf-monster and its old German Master, anyway. Do you remember the Wolf, Kara Lynn?

Kara Lynn: Not consciously. And not under this Master.

Jany: Lightning said the Wolf was the Being who captured him . . . Told me to beware.

You think it’ll be like a horror-movie monster? All teeth and claws and lots of glued-on fur? Or maybe more like . . .

. . . well, technically also a movie monster.