sheepskin jacketIn the earliest vague idea of the Wolf, she looked a lot more similar to Blake’s “sexy Desi woman” form. Then I thought, “no, I need her to have a distinctive vibe. What’s a character type that BICP just plain doesn’t have yet?”

So now Ilsa’s default getup is more practical — something you could go hiking in. But not off the same rack as the scruffy plain-shirt-and-khakis ensemble that Dr. Rosen goes digging in. Ilsa’s stuff is fitted. She wears brand names. (Not literally, her clothes are created via shapeshifting like every other Being, but they look like the brand-name versions.)

Complete with a sheepskin jacket. Because that makes her…a Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Jany (thinking): Well, whatever it looks like, I have to play it cool. Be friendly. Always calm. Totally unfazed.

No matter what big teeth it has.

Blake: Jany . . .

This is —

Jany: HELLO how are you doing? I’m Jany! Guten tag! You must be lovely. It’s Ilsa to meet you!

Jany (thinking): . . . well, could’ve gone worse.

Ilsa: Aren’t you cute! So this is the girl Ann . . . let in on . . . her end-of-the-world plans.

Jany: That’s right.

. . . and I’m sorry to hear about your Master. I hope he lives long enough to let you see this through.