Dinosaur meme: Why is it called research when it's your first time searching for it?Jany does some research! Plans what she’s going to say ahead of time! Casually implies to Walker that she might know all kinds of things she’s not letting on!

“On the town with Walker” Jany wears fancy dresses with lace and bows; “safe on her own at the library” Jany wears a nice casual collared shirt and sweatshirt. Foreshadowing.

The librarian in the background is an author cameo (who has clearly overheard bits of their conversation, and thinks they’re writing a shifter romance or something).

Ilsa: Do you now.


How . . . thoughtful. I didn’t realize you had heard . . .

Walker: Neither did I. We certainly didn’t tell her. Jany, where ever did you pick this up?

Last week, at the Chicago library, with Google.

Kara Lynn: An actual coma?

Jany: Looks like it.

Kara Lynn: I’m sure that affects his empathetic bond with the Wolf, but I couldn’t guess how.

Jany: Would sure be convenient if it affected her powers . . .

Kara Lynn: On the other hand, if she’s evil, this could be one of the reasons behind it.

Jany: Okay, so how do I figure out her mental state? Without making her angry enough to attack a lizard person in the process.

Librarian (thinking): Aww, the cute fantasy-writing lesbians are here again.

Jany: I once learned a valuable lesson about doing thorough research on a place before you go for a visit. I suppose you won’t want to fight, then? Since someone could hurt him during a battle.

It must be hard on you, not knowing what he wants . . . But you seem to be doing all right for yourself alone! Good on you, yeah?