A glimpse of Ilsa’s “scary face.”

And a very cozy sleeping tiger, there, aww.

Jany tries to sneak some information out of Walker, with the “how many do you have, again?” It doesn’t work — Walker still cares too much about secrecy to share that information because she got caught off-guard — but Jany did a decent job of being subtle about it.

Ilsa: . . .

[ — Mas– ]

[ — when did you get over there? ]

Blake: [ I am very fast. Now, calm down. ]

Jany: She doesn’t seem terribly stable, does she? I wouldn’t have thought she could pull off the stealth kidnapping of . . . how many Beings do you have, now?

Walker: More than one, less than you’re going to hear about.

Ilsa’s Master only left her a handful of standing orders. Working with me to . . . eliminate the competition . . . was one of them. I assume that’s why she continues to be so good at it.

Shocking lack of forethought, by the way. This is why Donderson was not in charge of the overall Apocalypse plan.

Of course, all that will evaporate if Donderson dies and her Contract ends. We’re all on a deadline, as mortals, but his is looming closer than most.

. . . which is part of why I expected you to have a target picked by the time we met with her.

Jany: Yes! I’m just . . . having a hard time deciding which one’s face annoys me the most! I’ll finish it up tonight!