Swishy party dressI never actually showed any Jany Goes Shopping On Walker’s Budget montages, but yes, she has gotten new clothes since moving to Chicago. I don’t know who took her shopping. Blake? Still operating on ideas of “what does a rich society girl wear” from several decades ago?

Or maybe Walker called in one of her own stylists — she doesn’t rely on Blake’s eyes alone to keep her wardrobe on-trend, she hires professionals for that — and told them to use their own judgment on what look would complement Walker’s image best.

Not that they outright ordered Jany what she could buy…just steered her in certain directions, radiated praise in the direction of certain trends, and let the rest work itself out.



Jany: I can’t do it. I can’t pick a Being to kidnap!

I’ll have to talk Walker out of it. Come up with some other loyalty test — one I can fake properly.

I mean, I did all right earlier, didn’t I? Totally subtle! Walker didn’t even catch on!

. . . but if I did something that might really sabotage her plans, she’d pay more attention.

I have to earn her trust before I have any chance of really beating her. Have to out-think her, not just have you smack down Blake in a battle. No amount of wins is going to make the Game end. We can’t even get them to forfeit this challenge! Unless . . . Walker dies, and someone new gets Blake. And killing is not an option!

So I have to keep doing whatever it takes to keep her happy! Until I come up with a better plan!

Have to keep acting all cute and confused . . . Like someone she can control, so I’m not a threat . . . I’m even dressing like this because I think it’s disarming! Like I’m her little doll!

What am I doing? This isn’t me! Pricey little swishy dresses and flowers and bows — It’s so st–