Leather domme with riding cropAnother of those sequences that’s hard to write. There’s a huge difference IRL between “learning you enjoy kinky domming in a fun, SSC way” and “learning you enjoy physically abusing people,” but how do you pack enough of that difference into a story about it?

Favorite comment on the original:

“This is all complicated by Beings aligning themselves in such a way as to make ‘Master’ Happy. They seem to have no fears or qualms beyond things that would damage their relationship with the one who holds their contract, such as removing one’s name before death.

Patrick shaped himself into Bianca’s perfect partner without asking, but didn’t know B would overthink and become upset, thinking she had forced it on him, rather than it being something he did to try and be closer to her.
A few pages ago, Kara Lyn was very forward about Jany’s brother clearing the air about BDSM culture through oversharing, So she’s possibly been planning this for a while, or had been thinking on ways to get Jany to stop seeing The Dog’s master in a bad light and seized an opportunity.”

Jany: — oh!

I didn’t mean — I wasn’t talking about y–

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Kara Lynn: Weren’t you? Master?

For me, this isn’t stupid, because I want to please you. But when you dress the same way, to appease her . . .

Jany: I . . .

Kara Lynn: It’s because your whole life is steered by her. And she might not even deserve your allegiance.

But you’re scared.

Jany: I’m not doing this for Walker’s sake! It’s to keep us safe!

Kara Lynn: You’re scared.

Jany: Of course I’m scared! She’s filthy rich, she’s been systematically trying to kill Beings for who knows how long, and, oh right, the world might be ending!

Kara Lynn: You’re desperate to feel in control of something again.

Jany: God, yes!

Kara Lynn: You have me. I’m right here!

Hit me.