Mug labeled 'Spank me! It's my birthday!'We had (literal) lightning on the last page, and (literal) thunder on this one, which (a) ties in nicely with the theme and (b) tells you there was a multi-second pause before anybody said anything.

And then Kara Lynn was like “okay, she’s panicking, time to explicitly talk about how I like it.”

So Jany’s out of the panic spiral. Though she does still have plenty more flailing and processing to do. (Much as it would be entertaining to have her walk in on the next page as Confident Leather Domme Goddess of Self-Assurance.)

Jany: (GASP)

Kara Lynn: You did it! Ooh, for a second there you looked so commanding!

And you didn’t break me, see? And don’t I look pretty with a bit of color in my cheeks!

Jany: I — It’s really okay that I liked that?

Kara Lynn: You’re not enjoying the idea that I don’t like it?

Jany: Of course not!

Kara Lynn: Then it’s more than okay ♥

What do you want to do next?

Jany: I want — I want to get this hair cut short!

And then I want to smack you again, and then kiss it better.

Then I’ll put on a nice collared shirt and — and some sensible trousers!