cute butch haircutI sketched a lot of different possible Cute Butch Haircuts before settling on how Jany’s should look.

(You’d think “how many different styles can there be, with that little hair to work with?” You’d be surprised.)

There’s some flash-forward, post-series art in which she has a cut that requires some maintenance — gel, regular trims — but that’ll come later. For now, a cut she can roll out of bed with is about all she’s ready to keep up.


Kara Lynn: How do you feel, Master?

Jany: . . . Good?

Kara Lynn: You don’t sound sure . . .

But you feel a lot better to me.

Jany: I just didn’t expect . . . It’s like everything’s been itchy, for years, and all of a sudden I don’t have to scratch! Is that normal? Am I . . .

Are there really people who like it, when someone . . . ?

I know you’ll say you liked it, but I mean, people, people.