Promo art of Anthy and Utena in bedExact details of what they’re doing are left to your imagination.

Partly because it’s not that kind of comic; partly because it’s not relevant to the plot. Jany’s had enough realizations/new experiences/character developments in this chapter already.

Not only are there “people people” who are into kink, the ones who like being submissives outnumber the ones who like being dominants. She’ll have nothing to worry about.

Kara Lynn: Humans like a lot of things. Sharp physical contact can stimulate the nerves, increase blood flow, adrenaline . . . Is it surprising that some of you would enjoy the feeling? I assume those are the processes my body imitates in order to respond to you.

Jany: Even though Walker’s research still can’t figure out quite how your “nerves” work. This can be . . . nice.


This is —


Kara Lynn: (hahh)