Expensive glitter shoesThis page was directly inspired by…some reality show or other, I don’t even remember the details at this point, but it was following rich people throughout their daily lives. The one specific thing that did stick in my mind was, one of the rich women went shopping, and remarked to the cameras, “it’s amazing to think how some people can’t just go out and spend $600 on a pair of shoes if they feel like it.”

Miranda does have slightly more self-awareness than that person, at least.

Sparrow: Six fifty a month. That’s my half, anyway.

Miranda: . . .

That’s how much I paid for the shoes I’m wearing.

Sparrow: Yes, I know, you’re stupid rich. Rub it in, why don’t you.

Miranda: Look, I don’t want to do a lot of math, here. What if we call it forty thousand a year?

Sparrow: Wha —

Miranda: Plus travel expenses, obviously. If we have to take any trips the normal way.

Sparrow: Okay, what’s the catch?

Miranda: Who says there has to be a catch?

Sparrow: I do know you.

Hang on, let me take this. In case it’s Bianca, or the landlord, or . . .

Phone: Urgent Being question. If you can talk right now, Skype me. –Jany

Sparrow: Hey, Jany. Your video feed’s not turned on.

Jany: Yeah, it’s not a great time for that, actually.