empty suit with no faceWalker’s phone has excellent Text-To-Speech software installed. Normally she has it read her texts directly to her. If they arrive while she’s asleep, Blake will use it (since he can see the screen but can’t read the words), and report the details to her if he decides they’re high-priority enough.

Okay, here we have Blake modeling potential clothes. If that’s what happened on the Jany cute-clothes shopping trip, well, she’s being more assertive about it this time.

Sparrow: Still there, Jany? I’ve got another one — but, listen, you promise you’re not asking because you plan to chase this Being down alone?

Jany: I solemnly swear that is not what I’m doing. Why?

Blake: Master? Jany texted. She wants to get the Cormorant.

Walker: Hrngh.


Walker: You’re quite sure about this?

Jany: You filtered the options, and this is my choice, yes.

Walker: Then we’ll have to get you a more intimidating outfit for the occasion. Blake, show the girl an example.

Blake: Yes, boss.


Jany: It’s lovely, but . . . I’ve been thinking that I want to wear trousers more often . . .