Ilsa posterFinally, the Wolf’s big reveal!

Yes, Ilsa is named after the protagonist of the sexploitation film Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS. No, I haven’t seen it. This is 100% for the pun.

Walker’s little “Am not” might be the most disgruntled we’ve ever seen her. She’s cool and confident in most situations, can run tactical rings around most people, even Cohen can only get so far in throwing her off her game — only Ilsa is suavely vicious enough to succeed at making her feel awkward.

Ilsa: Me, scary? When have I ever terrified someone who wasn’t asking for it? It’s like you’re worried about this girl, Ann. Almost makes me think you’re going soft in your old age.

Walker: Am not. Blake? How pointy is she?

Blake: No more than I am, Master.

Walker: Oh, good. We’ve probably gotten Jany used to you by now.