sparklesMiranda tries to imitate Bianca’s “sparkling with innocence” trick. It’s…not super effective.

Yes, Cohen is making an effort to respect Miranda’s boundaries, and yes, he’s a little thrown by the Warm Fuzzies of starting to have a good relationship. But there’s only so far you can stretch that, if he’s also supposed to be a generally smart character who pays attention.


Poe: I’ll let the young lady tell me how to address her, if you don’t mind.

Cohen: I do mind! She prefers not to go by my last name, and I respect her decision, so —

Miranda: Dad, it’s fine!

I . . . don’t mind so much. Not anymore. It’s just your name, right? It’s no big deal.


Cohen: . . . That’s definitely too good to be true. Sweetie, I love you, but you’re up to something.