Sperm donation ad, captioned: Help us make mumsAnd now Sparrow tries Miranda’s trick of playing on people’s emotions for the discombobulation factor!

With a bonus convenient reminder that she doesn’t know who her sperm donor is. Almost like that’s gonna come up in the narrative again soon, or something.

Sparrow doesn’t actually think about her donor that much, let alone feel a lot of stress and deprivation over not getting to know him [yet]. But she’s aware that some people think she’s supposed to.

Miranda: That doesn’t even make sense! Why can’t you trust me?

Cohen: Because I know what I’m like, and you’re my kid, so —

Sparrow: Hey! I’m not gonna just stand here and listen to this!

It’s been so sweet to see you two bonding . . . Especially since I . . . I never even got to know my own father . . .

You’re so lucky to have her! Don’t get all suspicious and attack her and ruin that!!

Poe: You did good.

Sparrow: . . . I sure hope so.