Tom and Jerry DVD coverHappy Pride Month, get ready for a dramatic coming-out scene.

But first: settling down at a nice cheap motel, and finding out what Reseda’s priorities in Tom and Jerry are.

Legally, Beings aren’t supposed to be driving, because they can’t read road signs. That said, most of those signs are designed to be visually-distinctive and easy to process without language — Reseda knows what a STOP sign looks like, for instance. She can figure out how to match speed with the cars around her. And she has the visual acuity, the reaction time, all the other physical requirements for they make sure you have before giving you a driver’s license.

If Reseda shapeshifted into Timothy and used his license, while the real Timothy was asleep in the back seat, she’d probably be fine even if she got pulled over. Which she probably wouldn’t be. Following directions to an unfamiliar place is the hard part — but you wanted to knock out a few hours of highway driving, you could write down the exit numbers to look for and she’d get pretty far.

That said, Timothy’s desire to sleep in a real bed is valid.

Reseda: Who do these people think they are, not allowing cats? We didn’t have to stay here. We could keep driving. I could drive all night!

Timothy: Sure, but I want to sleep in a real bed. And watch some TV. If housekeeping comes along, you’ll just have to switch back to human.

Reseda: Okay — but until then, I’m staying like this.


Timothy: If we were in a movie, when I turned this on, it would be showing something essential to our trip . . .

New York

Makeup tech: Mr. Bennett, if you keep sweating this much, it’ll ruin your makeup.

And back at the motel:

Reseda: Ooh, I hope he gets that mouse this time.