Did Bennett have Cybele binge-listen to the Savage Lovecast? Sources say, probably.

New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey’s coming-out memoir likely showed up in her listening queue, too.

What else would you have recommended? (Present-day source recs are welcome too, not just the ones that would’ve been available in 2011.)

Bennett (thinking): It’s going to be okay. I have a plan. Cybele helped!

Bennett (earlier): If just thinking about admitting to this is making me feel sick, doesn’t that prove doing it is a bad idea?

Cybele: It doesn’t have to, boss!

You’re afraid of the unknown, expecting the worst. But once it happens, it won’t be unknown — and maybe it’ll be the best!

It happens all the time in the memoirs and documentaries and podcast you had me listen to for research purposes. Lots of people will support you. The ones who’ve been through the same thing can help you. And you won’t have the stress of hiding it all the time anymore!

Of course, I ‘m only talking about the gay thing. If you come clean about having a Being, you’ll probably do jail time for causing massive property damage.

Bennett: Got it.

Stage manager (present): Live in fifteen seconds!