GCN logoI don’t know much about the Gay Christian Network (rebranded since 2017 as the Q Christian Fellowship) and its specific policies. This isn’t an endorsement or anything.

It just seemed like the kind of support Bennett would lean on, for his first tentative steps into “I’m still very conservative, I don’t support anything too out-there in the Gay World, but, uh, maybe it’s okay to have a place in my religion and be gay in the first place?”

Bennett: Tonight! I sit down with a representative of something called the Gay Christian Network. Is it a liberal conspiracy they’re forcing down our throats? I’ll go at him hard.

Cybele: Mr. Cohen! It’s Cybele. Hi! The boss didn’t tell me to call you, but he didn’t tell me not to call you, so . . .



Miranda: Dad’s leaving town again tomorrow for business . . . And I . . .

. . . I want to tell him. I think, these days, he might understand if he learns about you.

Dad? Are you down here? I need to talk to —

Cohen: Can it wait? I have to leave early. Something just came up.

Miranda: Okay . . . What is it?

Cohen: You can watch it on the news!

Miranda: . . .

I don’t know how to find news on TV! At least give me a keyword to search on Twitter!