graphic of Twitter birds tearing up a mobile deviceStill like the phrase “wild correct speculations.”

Staying well clear of Twitter when you’re in the middle of a firestorm is hard. Of course you want to fight back — and maybe you deserve to. But the emotional stress and the effect on your health is almost never worth it.

Today’s song for Reseda and Timothy is Willie Nelson – “On the Road Again.”

The night goes on.

Bennett: Gimme that! People are making wild correct speculations about why I made certain votes on gay stuff, and I have to tell them they’re wrong!

Cohen: Oh no you don’t. Nothing good ever comes out of making unhinged rants on Twitter after midnight.

Sparrow (thinking): Okay, I’ll go to bed after ONE more test.

. . . and the morning breaks.

Miranda: I’ll tell Dad about you today. I’ll have to fit it in between the videoconference and the performance reviews.

Timothy and Reseda (singing): Onnn the road again! I can’t wait to get onnn the road again!