Futurama screencap, labeled: Good news, everyone!Dun dun dunnn!

Lilies framing Timothy’s face again. The white kind previously linked with Reseda, not the tiger-lily kind.

Walker’s desk was previously at an angle to the window. But this is definitely the same office — it has all the same decor we’ve seen before. She just took some consultation on what would make the most Dramatic Lighting, and then had it rearranged.

And on that cliffhanger, I’ve finished annotating all of Omnibus 2 — and the whole online archive through 2016! Time for a well-deserved Pride Break. (By which I mean, Annotated Pride Bonus Content.)

Jany: She keeps the lights out. Partly because she doesn’t need them, partly because she knows it makes sighted people nervous. Don’t let it faze you. And don’t be startled by the automatic doors.

Ms. Walker! The Cat and her owner are here.

Walker: Hello, Mr. Mattei.

Timothy: Good morning, Ms. Walker. I hope you’ve been well. Do you have a few minutes to listen to the Good News?

Walker: . . . that’s right, you’re the cult survivor. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it. How about this. So you don’t waste my time, I challenge you, and you get to talk as much as you want until Blake wins.