Graphic of a U-Haul, captioned: What does a lesbian bring on a 2nd date?Bianca and Emma started dating in chapter 14, in late October/early November; were definitely having sexy sleepovers by January; and now it’s spring.

So in terms of the stereotypical progress of f/f relationships, they’re taking it really slow.

Original upload of this page, I did the “light cast from the window” effect so dramatically that someone thought it was a coloring error. Toned it down a bit, so now it integrates with the art more smoothly.

Emma’s place.

Bianca: Mmmm.

Emma: You know, if your place gets too crowded, you could just stay here for a couple of days. I could call in sick to work for that long, right? The kids can probably figure out the water cycle on their own.

Bianca: Yeah . . . I could really get used to this.

Emma: . . .

When you say that, are you implying, like . . .

Bianca: I’m not implying anything! . . . wait, are you implying that you wouldn’t like the potential implication?

Emma: Well, uh . . . The thing is . . . you’re kind of a package deal. It’s you and the talking shapeshifting dog monster.

The only reason your life isn’t profoundly different already is that you can kinda treat him as an extra roommate. With magic. And serious codependency issues. But how is that going to work out, y’know, in the long term?

Bianca: Um . . . I’ll never have to worry about being all alone at the old folks’ home?

Emma: Maybe a little less-long of a term than that.