Broken closetPlease be careful with Timothy’s closet. He kinda needs that thing.

First panel has another sign gag, with “God Likes Signs.” (This was the era when going to protests and waving “God Hates [homophobic slur]” posters was all the rage. Haven’t seen them at all for a while, now. Is that trend over? I really hope it’s over.)

Plus, of course, the obligatory “Footprints” poster.

Bianca: Your closet’s safe. We only found you because I already had your number. Do you remember helping with a QPOC charity event a few years ago . . . ?

Timothy: Oh, that’s right. Should have known that was a bad idea.

Patrick: You shouldn’t be rude to her. You were a lot nicer as a woman.

Timothy: Gee, I wonder why! Could it be because then, I don’t have to worry about people finding out that I’m a woman? Part-time, anyway.

Sparrow: Might not be such a problem if you found a less intolerant place to work.

Timothy: You have no idea what my reasons are for being here. And I can’t believe you went to all the bother of tracking me down just to criticize my career choices.

Bianca: You’re right. We didn’t. Patrick, why don’t you just demonstrate?

Patrick: Hmph.

Timothy (offscreen): “Patrick”?