Politically Neutral Dog: "I'll do whatever you want to do."Aww, Patrick.

…who Timothy recognized as the Dog by his name, even before he transformed.

Okay, who has a copy of that meme with the really thick book and the really skinny book? That, where the first one is labeled “But I’m A Cat Person” and the second one is “But I’m A Cat Person if Sparrow and Bianca asked Patrick to explain his whole life story in chapter 1.”

Timothy: It is you! You look so different . . .


Patrick: That ‘s because I have a new Master now.

Bianca: Wait . . . You know each other? And you didn’t say anything?

Patrick: I can’t be bothered to remember everyone I defeat.

Timothy: That’s funny. I’m pretty sure we defeated you.

Bianca: Enough! I just want advice. We’re not here to fight. He got away from that Master, and I’m not making him do that any more.

Timothy: What?

That shouldn’t be possible. Beings can’t just decide to leave. A Master’s name is on the Contract until we die.