Sonia delivered on the meme!

Thick book labeled 'But I'm A Cat Person,' skinny book labeled 'But I’m A Cat Person if Sparrow and Bianca asked Patrick to explain his whole life story in chapter 1'Flying Spaghetti Monster motivational posterLittle Sparrow with her braces, little Bianca with her Sailor Moon T-shirt, little Timothy with his apocalyptic suicide cult.

Much as Sparrow’s been too quick with the judginess in this chapter, at least she can stand on the moral high ground of “nobody’s gone around killing anyone in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.”

Sparrow: Well, obviously this one did! And no matter how annoying he is, he’s better off because of it.

Bianca: It’s a complicated situation, but we’re trying to make it work. Discreetly. I was hoping you could give us some general advice on the whole thing.

Timothy: Discreet and complicated, huh . . . I’m sorry I snapped at you. Have a seat and let me tell you a story. Also — when I’m dressed like this, please call me Timothy. And you’re Sparrow, Patrick, and . . .

Bianca: Bianca. (Called it.)

Timothy: Do you remember hearing about the Order of St. Lily? It was a cult in Pennsylvania. Made national news in 1999. You would’ve been just kids.

Sparrow (flashback): You’re marrying my Mom?

Bianca (flashback): Daddy has what?

Sparrow: I had other things on my mind that year.

Bianca: Yeah . . . me too.

Timothy (narration): Me, I was nineteen when it all fell apart.

??? (offscreen): Brother Timothy! Dinner!

Timothy (narration): But when I first moved there, I was sixteen.