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Integra and Enrico fanartDon’t know if anyone would recognize it from looking at the original canon…but when this came out, readers who followed my Hellsing fanart were able to peg Emir Mattei as Race-Swapped Enrico Maxwell Expy.

So the name Mattei could come from the brothers being part-Italian (which would make sense as an homage to Original Flavor Maxwell).

Or — since they were Catholic before they were cultic — it could be that whichever of their ancestors converted to Catholicism got a name change to mark the occasion.

Emir: Timothy! Where–

Timothy: Here I am, Brother Emir!

Emir: Oh, good! I was afraid I’d find you at the laundry again.

Timothy: What’s wrong with the laundry?

Emir: That’s woman’s work!

Timothy: You did it after Mother died . . .

Emir: Why do you think we moved here?

Man (offscreen): We thank you, O Lord, for this bounty we are about to receive . . . and pray you keep this holy garden of ours safe.

Man: Amen. Before we begin the meal, today is a very special day . . .

Timothy: Holy Communion! ♥

Man (offscreen): Enthusiastic as always, Brother Timothy.