Silhouette skylineFrom “big black silhouette with accents is good enough for Poe” to “big black silhouettes with accents is the entire skyline.”

I like the detail on the interior design, though. The partly-obscured photo in that last panel is our first indication that Cybele’s human is (or was) married at some point.

(Looking back at the original post, somebody suspected Cybele was the woman in the wedding photo…thankfully, no!)

What kind of person, indeed.

Cybele: hm hmm hm hmmm . . .

. . . time to try defying gravity . . .

(tap tap)

Just you an’ I, defying . . .

Nevada-san (offscreen): Cybele! Get away from the window!

Cybele: Coming!

Nevada-san (offscreen): What have I told you about that, huh?

Cybele: You said not to let anyone see me. But there was nobody around to see.

Nevada-san (offscreen): Well, from now on, keep away from the windows all the time.

Cybele: Yes, Master.

Nevada-san (offscreen): And stop calling me “Master”! Do I have to explain about political correctness again?